The Transition Suitcase Project

The “Transition Suitcase (TTS)” was designed to create a state of wellbeing in children and grown-ups and can be used as an effective tool to handle emotions due to migration process, and also as a professional development workshop for expatriate corporate employees, teachers and school personnel with a prominent foreign student population. This project aims to develop ethnorelativism in children and adults, teachers and students, to raise diversity and inclusion awareness in the multilingual home and classroom, and ease the transition between the home and host countries of high mobile and immigrant families.

From the beginning of my overseas journey as a multicultural language trainer, my focus has been on creating an instrument for families around Latinamerica to prepare themselves for the big move and a tool to reach out for when trying to adjust to a new culture in a foreign country. This resource can also be applied to a huge diversity of situations involving families with different backgrounds and expatriate experiences. Therefore, the steps that conform the Transition Suitcase workshop can be done while still living in the home country and can be adjusted to six different targets:

  1. Rasing global minded kids, promote diversity tolerance for traveling purposes or gap year abroad.
  2. Preparing families for moving overseas for a specific timeframe (expatriate due to work).
  3. Getting children ready for establishing permanently in another country (immigrants, refugees).
  4. Expatriate corporate professionals and overseas employees.
  5. Trailing spouses.
  6. Teachers and personnel in schools with a prominent foreign student population.

This project is built around the metaphor of packing a suitcase. Parents and children, teachers and their pupils will pack and organize their emotional luggage to be ready for departure. Packing may sound easy to many, but yet we need to train for it. Tidying this suitcase up will be our project, not our final destination. It will make us feel refreshed and emotionally prepared thanks to the application of different art techniques and personal support.

Wondering about the theory behind this amazing project?

With reference to the theoretical framework, I have based my research on studies and results published by the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index and papers of the Washington University in St. Louis, ABET 2016-17; Finelli te al 2011. These constitute the background for the effectiveness of my project, including beneficial art techniques for children, adolescents and adults, and the use of group work to enhance communication in pupils and teachers, improve problem solving skills as well as the ability to work well within diverse groups, all of these highly needed in a multilingual environment.

The Transition Suitcase Workshop and Lecture has given me the methodology to continue researching ways to raise global awareness due to the unique interconnection between the people that come together to craft their own emotional suitcase, and it has given me a better insight into the community where the tool is applied. Findings in the USA and Germany reveal positive outcomes in families and teachers who participated in this workshop. TTS is definitely a budget friendly tool to facilitate integration and fostering wellbeing in the classroom, workplace and at home.

Do you want to bring this project to your school or workplace? Would you like to include The Transition Suitcase Workshop in you relocation package? Contact us now! You can book a single half-day workshop (3 hours) or a 3-Day seminar of 1 hour each consecutive session. We offer in-house or off-campus, for a group of ideally 8-10 people.

Worried about your Spanish speaking families and colleagues who want to attend the seminar but they don’t speak fluent English? No problem! The Transition Suitcase can be brought to you in Spanish to address the needs of the always-growing Latin community overseas.

Inquire about our packages by email or give us a phone call to +49 152 28547234



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