Mommy & Me Sessions

Babies and toddlers naturally absorb their new language through gentle language immersion activities, teacher-child interaction, lots of tactile props and visual aids, original vocabulary-building songs, and much more. Mommy and Me classes help introduce the Spanish language to your toddler (12-36 months) at a wonderful time of language learning and development! We also offer English sessions.

Our Mommy & Me sessions are interactive, fun, and personalized to develop your young child’s language skills. Thanks to our highly trained trainers, children are immersed in the target language to fully experience acquisition in a natural way.

How do young children learn?

Parent and child will enjoy stories, music, games, and hands-on activities, having fun with the language together!

As youngsters handle toys and visual aids, they develop motor skills and coordination.
As they participate and interact they imagine, discover, and build social skills.
And as they’re asked to recall and respond, they turn into students and reinforce what they’re learning in class.
In our Mommy & Me sessions students attend with a parent or caregiver.

Our Prices

Each session is 45 minutes long. Both English and Spanish sessions available.

The classes are offered in the spring and autumn semesters and each semester is 12 weeks in length.

Price for semester: 150 euros (12 sessions) Includes lesson materials.

At Little Nómadas we accommodate to your schedule and location. You can always gather a group of friends with their young children (toddlers) and have our Mommy & Me class at a location of your choice.

Ask about our Fun Fiesta hour for your child’s next birthday celebration!

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