My 3 Favorite Games For Spanish Learning

I started teaching Spanish ten years ago and it has been ever since an exciting journey of sharing my native language and my culture with children and adults around the world. Everything began when I decided to get a Masters Degree in Linguistics and Foreign Languages. My passion for the Hispanic culture found its wayContinue reading “My 3 Favorite Games For Spanish Learning”

5 Things We Learnt by Experiencing Religion Overseas

Hurry up, mami! We are going to miss the bus! These words are commonly spoken by my husband and children when we travel. They need to remind me of our schedule for the day and the time for the bus, tram, or metro. I get easily distracted by churches, temples, mosques and other religious buildings. Continue reading “5 Things We Learnt by Experiencing Religion Overseas”

7 Tips For Monolingual Parents to Raise Bilingual Children

My parents are my backbone. Still are. They’re the only group  that will support you if you score zero or you score 40. Kobe Bryant  One of the main challenges of moving to Germany five years ago was to support our children in their language learning journey because we, the parents, didn’t know a singleContinue reading “7 Tips For Monolingual Parents to Raise Bilingual Children”

Game Night and Language Learning

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together, says one of those quotes I found on the Web after reading about ways to enhance the parent-children relationship during teenage years. And I think it is true. When you are playing a board game with your family, you are strengthening your relationship, but also as a parent,Continue reading “Game Night and Language Learning”

Self-Discerning Reflections of a Venezuelan Abroad

I am from Venezuela.  And I dare to ask myself, but from what Venezuela? Which of the Venezuelan realities am I from? The Venezuela I grew up in, sassy and content, irreverent and easygoing, humane. Or the Venezuela that my parents and siblings live in today, aching, arid, bizarre, and hungry. How do I preventContinue reading “Self-Discerning Reflections of a Venezuelan Abroad”

Mi hijo habla inglés ¡pero yo no!

Son numerosas los mensajes que recibo de padres preocupados que piensan que no pueden ayudar a sus hijos a ser bilingües porque ellos no lo son. Sin embargo, es una realidad cada día más presente en los hogares de muchísimas familias quienes por motivos laborales, académicos y culturales deciden emprender la aventura de aprender unContinue reading “Mi hijo habla inglés ¡pero yo no!”

FOCUS: Descubre tu Perfil de Emigrante

¿Te has preguntado alguna vez si posees las característica necesarias para emigrar? ¿Has tomado nota de esas habilidades que te ayudarán a transitar el camino migratorio de forma satisfactoria? ¿Y qué me dices de los aspectos de tu personalidad que quizás entorpezcan el proceso? Te aseguro que te he hecho pensar. Es que en elContinue reading “FOCUS: Descubre tu Perfil de Emigrante”

La Mujer Latina en el Extranjero

“Soy una mujer, y yo soy una latina. Esas son las cosas que hacen que mi escritura sea distinta. Esas son las cosas que le dan poder a mis escritos.” Sandra Cisneros  Y es que en este recorrido que hacemos como viajeras permanentes, el escrito de nuestras vidas es fuerte, decidido y tenaz, como elContinue reading “La Mujer Latina en el Extranjero”

Reflections of an expat on Global Issues

Due to the latest events presented by the media around the world and the loads of nasty comments on media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram regarding human rights, immigration policies, refugees and globalization, I have felt the strong need to give my opinion and stand up to the intolerance of many. However, I encounterContinue reading “Reflections of an expat on Global Issues”

Oh no! I’ve forgotten my own Language!

I woke up in the middle of the night very excited. I had a dream: I was happily mingling with colleagues while speaking German. Woohoooo!!! That is great news, I thought. That means that the German language was finally making its way into the corners of my brain… but what is going on with meContinue reading “Oh no! I’ve forgotten my own Language!”