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Hello everyone!

My name is Flor and I’m a Venezuelan former attorney, certified language and intercultural consultant with more than 10 years of experience working with expat children and adults around the world. I currently live in Germany where I spend my days raising three multicultural children, growing my portable business, and sharing my language and culture with all those interested in getting to know a little bit more about the world that surrounds them. I am also a writer and an international speaker, I love to travel and inspire people through my expat and entrepreneur experience.

I offer a wide range of trainings for educators and families about topics such as diversity, cultural identity, and bilingual children. My workshops are an engaging tool to raise cultural and diversity awareness, starting by the development of language skills. I am passionate about my heritage and the Latin culture. Teaching Spanish has become one of my most effective tools to find commonalities among cultural differences since I’ve started my expat journey in 2002. 

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¡Hola! Mi nombre es Flor y soy la fundadora de Little Nómadas, en donde podrás descubrir nuestra aventura de criar niños plurilingües mientras vivimos en el extranjero y viajamos alrededor del mundo. Soy venezolana (y estadounidense) actualmente viviendo en Alemania. Combino mi preparación como abogado, lingüista y profesora de idiomas, para crear programas interculturales efectivos que cubren las necesidades de familias expatriadas alrededor del mundo. Cuento con estudios de magister en enseñanza de idiomas modernos y certificación en comunicación intercultural.  

Mi proyecto Little Nómadas me permite disfrutar en plenitud de mi pasión por la cultura latina y la lengua española, por lo que la enseñanza del español es uno de los elementos fundamentales de esta iniciativa. Soy escritora y conferencista a nivel internacional. 

Traveling around the world highlights the importance of learning a language and developing cultural intelligence

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